Enrolment Procedures

  • 1

    Parent, carer, guardian, relevant supporting person or group makes contact with the College; suitable interview time is made for all parties.

  • 2

    The Principal will personally interview each applicant before enrolment and consider each applicant’s interview responses regarding their ability and willingness to support the College’s ethos. Tour of the facilities takes place during this step also meeting and greeting other staff and Community members.

  • 3

    The College will need to gather information and consult with parent, carer, guardian, relevant supporting person and other relevant persons in order to consider each applicant’s educational and wellbeing needs.

  • 4

    The Principal will consult with parent, carer, guardian, relevant supporting person and other relevant persons in order to identify any strategies that need to be put into place to accommodate the applicant before a decision regarding the enrolment is made. The family and other relevant persons may be requested to provide information about the student’s needs as part of the individual planning process. Relevant information will assist in identifying any adjustments and could include:

  • a.

    Previous College reports, noting current achievements and areas of need

  • b.

    Psychologist’s report documenting functional skills and recommended strategies for working with the student

  • c.

    Medical specialist reports identifying issues which need to be considered by the College

  • d.

    Vision and hearing reports documenting level of functioning and recommended strategies

  • e.

    Occupational and physiotherapy reports documenting self-help skills and mobility, including assistive technology reports recommending equipment and access audits regarding access to premises

  • 5

    The Principal will inform the applicant verbally about a suitable date for starting if the process is successful. A suitable attendance pathway and agreements are made at this point.

  • 6

    A letter confirming the decisions and type of enrolment pathway will also be sent to the nominated support person.

  • 7

    All student resources and classroom materials will be provided by the College for the student, this is included in the fee’s associated with the enrolment