The Macleay Vocational College in Kempsey was established in 2001 by the Community of Kempsey and the Macleay Valley Workplace Learning Centre Inc. with an enrolment of six students and currently has a 2015 enrolment of 91 students.  The premises at 1-13 Reginald Ward Street were officially opened on the 22nd March 2006, being purpose built for education and training. In 2014 a Macleay Valley Trade Training Centre was officially opened with a focus in Graphical Design, Screen Printing and Print making of various garments.

We provide a supportive and flexible environment where students can develop a sense of belonging, pride, personal identity and cultural awareness. The school achieves its mission by seeking a personal best performance by all students. It specialises in educating the whole person and provides an academic and work readiness education which links into NSW credentials RoSA, Preliminary Statement of Attainment and a Higher School Certificate including Board Developed, Vocational and Content Endorsed courses. A number of students have completed their HSC alongside a Vet qualification of a Certificate II or III level as well.

The school plays an important part in the Community by catering for students from Year 9 to Year 12 (14 years of age onwards) who have fallen out of mainstream education for a variety of reasons.